A Canadian menstrual product company offers unlimited paid days off, and employees can use it to take time off during their period.

Nixit founder Rachael Newton said offering this to her employees was “no-brainer” to her and her small staff of 10. Nixit is a Toronto-based menstrual cup company made in Canada. Their menstrual cup uses the shape of the body to stay in place instead of sucking up like other menstrual cup brands.

Coming from corporate experience as a lawyer with an investment bank in the UK, periodic interviews were taboo in the office.

“Rules have always been stigmatized in the workplace, at home and in public spaces. One of our main goals at nixit is to break the taboo and make people feel comfortable talking about this very normal human experience, ”Newton told Daily Hive in an email.

This policy allows nixit staff to take the time they need, when they need it. Menstrual symptoms can be debilitating, allowing employees to easily rest when needed.

“Since the inception of nixit, it was obvious to provide my employees with the agency to take care of themselves when needed, whether for their menstrual, mental or physical health. Having menstrual symptoms can be just as debilitating as having the flu! she said.

Nixit employees do not need to provide proof of illness to be absent. Newton said this gives employees the ability to do whatever they need to take care of themselves, especially since menstrual symptoms can be unpredictable.

When asked how important this was to her and her staff, she replied that it was not a matter of importance.

“It’s a basic necessity that everyone should have access to,” Newton said.

Newton hopes that providing this free time to employees will help de-stigmatize and lessen the shame associated with menstruation.

“Globally, 1.8 billion girls, women, transgender men, intersex and non-binary people regularly have periods. Yet we have been socially conditioned to be ashamed of it, ”she said. “Having a holistic approach to our sick leave policy that includes menstruation helps us recognize menstruation as a daily health issue. It’s a push towards normalizing period conversations, and in doing so, we can foster healthier relationships with our bodies. “

Diva Cup, another Canadian menstrual cup company, also offers its employees paid menstrual holidays for up to 12 days per year. It’s not yet clear if this trend will spread to other businesses and industries, but Newton said seeing a big company like Diva Cup offering its employees paid period leave is a step in the right direction.

“It’s a great victory to see policies focused on menstruation penetrate larger companies like Diva. However, we would like to see similar practices in all sectors, ”she said. “Currently, many corporate health policies are built around very traditional and frankly outdated ideals. Companies whose employees have their rules should provide adequate health support. “



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