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Carbon60 has 250 employees around the world

A company like Netflix, which delivers content worldwide, needs a pretty solid infrastructure to make sure our screens get the action. And these are cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) that help companies deliver on those promises.

Vancouver-based cloud consulting firm OpsGurua Carbon60 company, has just been recognized as the only Canadian AWS Network Partner to achieve Tier One Service Partner status. This means that OpsGuru is one of the most technically competent enablers when it comes to helping customers leverage AWS technologies, machine learning and AI to start. of cloud-based travel.

Dave Lindon of OpsGuruOpsGuru. General Manager Dave Lindon

“We’ve been working as an Amazon customer-focused organization for a number of years now,” says Dave Lindon, Managing Director of OpsGuru, of the road to becoming a Premier Tier Partner. Lindon, who previously worked at Google, has been in the cloud industry for eight years now. “We are about to talk about our commitments by the thousands. So you can extrapolate the number of successful engagements we had to achieve before we could achieve this accolade. » golden equinox (the Vancouver-based mining company) and Trimac (a Richmond-based trucking company) are just two examples of successful cloud transformations that OpsGuru has helped advance.

The cloud consulting firm has 250 employees around the world, with offices in Toronto, Richmond Hill and Saint John, as well as a number of positions in Europe. This AWS status opens up many possibilities for moving forward, whether it’s programmatic opportunities, new access to funding, or marketing development benefits.

“Premier specifically allows us to work with customers in a more holistic way, where we can say that Amazon has validated all of our credentials to the point that we can qualify as a Premier Partner,” Lindon says. “And we are very happy about that. Overall, we expect to see an acceleration in our activity related to this announcement.


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