By Maury Rogow

Personalized video is all about creating a video and customizing it to appeal to a target audience or predetermined individuals.

In a world where consumers increasingly use technology in their purchasing habits, the tools that enable businesses to reach these customers in a much more personal and specific context are also developing.

Most franchises already have advertisements aimed at different demographic groups depending on several factors. For example, a business appealing to an urban base may feature busy city streets or busy highways in its ads, but when trying to reach rural customers, it may feature rustic backwoods or cabins. .

One option building on this concept and taking it to another level is personalized video.

Personalized video uses a video and personalizes it to appeal to a target audience or predetermined individuals. In this day and age, consumers are constantly demanding more of this type of personalized content.

How to use personalized video to drive sales

The most effective types of personalized videos are personalized with information specific to the people they are sent to, including the prospect’s name, website, hobbies, and preferences.

A personalized video message is most effective when used to establish a connection with someone. Think about emails: people are more likely to open an email with a personalized subject line. Personalized videos have shown much higher engagement than email alone, which are metrics that make marketers salivate.

The technology to do this quickly and efficiently is emerging. There are services that allow businesses to insert individual prospect names and custom written messages into predefined video templates, which are then emailed. These services have been available for a few years, but were originally affordable only to those with the highest budgets, as they started at $ 30,000 and could go up to $ 500,000 for a full campaign.

What Kinds of Custom Videos Can Help Businesses?

According to a 2020 survey by Wyzowl Research, more than 90% of marketers who responded agree that video is at the heart of their business. Video attracts attention, improves information retention, expands brand awareness, and takes customers from “try-to-buy” faster than any other medium.

As the market becomes increasingly saturated with video as more marketers realize the value it offers, more steps need to be taken by businesses to differentiate themselves. Personalized video is the extra step and can immediately connect to its target, the essential first step for any marketing message when properly addressed.

How to use personalized video messages

Regardless of how franchisees choose to use personalized videos, advertisements should strive to educate.

Personalized video messages are great for connecting with target audiences, and businesses can strengthen the connection with educational marketing. This is a method that explains a problem in detail while also describing how the product or service being promoted helps anyone who is having the problem.

By offering information to customers, he extends a welcoming hand to them. A gesture that invites them, not as a customer, but as a collaborator. In today’s economy, gestures like this are more needed, and they help amplify the community building benefits of personalized videos.

Imagination is the only limit to how personalized video can be used to increase customer satisfaction and drive sales. Here are some possibilities to give free rein to your creativity.

Create multiple versions of the same video for different segments

Use local landmarks to connect with individuals in target markets.
Use local landmarks to connect with individuals in target markets.

Use local landmarks to connect with individuals in target markets. For example, if you are trying to break into the Ottawa market and the target audience wants to buy advertising space at hockey rinks, consider filming an advertisement near or inside the Canadian Tire Center. Do the same with Rogers Place in Edmonton and so on.

With an ad like this, you’ve just personalized a video for a segment of your audience. The most specific can reach this audience; the more successful personalized messages will convert and drive sales.

Personalize videos for individuals in your target audience

To get the most out of the benefits of personalized videos, it should include a hyper-personalized message within the first seven seconds.

This means an animated greeting with the customer’s name or a personalized message just for them, among many possibilities. With current technology, a customer’s name and website can be placed in the thumbnail of any video.

How personalized video and sales intersect

Chances are, many read this thinking, “The benefits of personalized video are great, how can I use it in my business?” “

A video studio will be a great asset in creating high quality and effective personalized videos.
A video studio will be a great asset in creating high quality and effective personalized videos.

Embed personalized videos in sales emails. The second someone asks you for a price or something similar, send back a hyper-personalized video to let them know they’ll get an estimate soon. Businesses can also send an upsell using a hyper-focused, personalized explainer talking about the benefits of their new offering, while thanking them for contacting.

Direct, personalized video helps break the fog around customers by outperforming anyone who uses traditional video advertising. Personalized videos don’t need to be on a hefty budget either – the intro can just be the creator in front of the camera talking to a new customer in a friendly manner. At the end of the day, it’s the relationships with customers that matter.

More than anything, however, if you’re thinking of getting competitive with custom video as your weapon of choice, ask for help. A video studio or marketing company will know the best ways to use personalized video to drive sales.

Maury Rogow is CEO of Rip Media Group, executive producer and author. He built his career in business development at Avaya, Lucent Technologies / Motorola and GeoTel, a startup sold to Cisco Systems. For more information visit https://ripmediagroup.com



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