Canadian company takes menstrual health seriously and offers paid days off for menstrual workers.

It’s no surprise that DivaCup, a Kitchener, Ont., Company that makes reusable menstrual cups, takes periods and period pain seriously.

“We have a company-wide paid menstrual leave policy in place for any employee who is menstruating,” DivaCup CEO Carinne Chambers-Saini said in an Instagram post alongside the hashtag # PaidMenstrualLeaveNow.

Some people who have their period have heavy flow, severe cramps, and even nausea and vomiting. Some conditions affect menstrual health, such as endometriosis, which can cause severe pain, periods disrupting labor, and other activities on a monthly basis.

“Paid menstrual leave is a way to put people first by promoting fairness in the workplace,” Chambers-Saini said. “As a company having a positive period with brand values ​​anchored in the fairness of the period and bodily autonomy, we are proud to implement this policy today. “

Paid Menstrual Leave will give all menstrual employees 12 paid days off, meaning people in the company will no longer have to use sick days or vacation days to cover days off. for menstrual health.



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