TORONTO, Oct. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TapeReal is changing the social media landscape with its algorithm-free, filter-free app. TapeReal, founded in 2018, is a Canadian solution to social media issues that have been making headlines in recent weeks.

Committed to privacy and an algorithm-free model, TapeReal represents a sea change in how social media applications work. With TapeReal, the user is no longer the commodity. Other platforms (we know them; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the list goes on) have made the algorithm king, not that TapeReal is pointing the finger. Instead, TapeReal understands that the algorithm only does what it was designed to do, fueling engagement and addiction. However, by allowing the algorithm to lead the charge, the human connection, privacy and livelihood of creators have been left hanging.

TapeReal has built an authentic social audio and video space where creators can easily post and monetize their meaningful content and engage in debates and discussions. There’s no denying that the global pandemic has made social connection more important than ever while highlighting the struggle that all creators face to earn a living. Designed by creators for creators, TapeReal ensures that creators generate revenue from day one while fostering real social connections, discussions and debates.

“It’s time to shift the balance of power from the platform to the creators,” says Founder and CEO Ali Shah, “TapeReal is a place where you can share your vision of the world, meaningfully engage with your audience and instantly sell access to your exclusive audio and video content.

TapeReal was voted by Mobile App Daily as one of 20 Best Social Media Apps to Rule in 2021. The TapeReal team has done the hard work that many tech start-ups face, the daunting task of bringing TapeReal to where it is today. And today, TapeReal is poised for growth. With a steady increase in the number of users and daily time spent on the app, founder Ali Shah sees the future of TapeReal as answering the call so many people are looking for, with the majority of recent respondents being concerned by their privacy and the misuse of their personal data.

TapeReal is looking to raise capital for its next round of growth via Equivalent, an online exempt market broker. Retail investors and creators are welcome to invest from just $250 to support the new era of social media that TapeReal represents. A world where everyone can create, own shares and be part of the company’s success.

About Tape Real

TapeReal is an authentic social audio and video space where creators can easily publish and monetize their meaningful content and engage in debates and discussions. With no algorithms and no filters, TapeReal guarantees creators revenue and enables real social connections. TapeReal is a platform that is changing the social media landscape and ushering in a new era called #SocialReality.



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