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Boost Innovation Inc (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) now offers highly effective products and services in the analysis of workplace culture and athletic performance, while creating policy and educational tools. So what’s the next step?

CALGARY, Alta .– Boost Innovation is a business on the map in 2021. Pivoting and surviving a pandemic is a piece, but it’s also important to recognize this cutting-edge company that has a clear vision for better workplaces, better athletic performance, and more.

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Boost Innovation is a growing Canadian company when it comes to corporate culture, athletic performance and more.

“Boost’s culture analysis work is absolutely our passion in the pursuit of improving the lives of anyone with a job or playing sport. Yes it’s bold, some said aggressive, but we’re all motivated and eager to make a real impact.

-Ken King, Founder and CEO of Boost Innovation

Workplace and sport culture are similar, but present unique challenges that can be identified with appropriate behavior data superimposed on individual and group behavior. Boost Innovation creates something that has broad impacts. When this happens, it saves time and money, while improving lives.

“The evaluation of culture and group performance has always been poorly done – plagued by subjective and ambiguous methods. Boost Innovation’s proprietary technology is the industry’s first proven and trusted way to measure and improve organizational culture and business success.

-Brad Matsugu, Director of Product Strategy, Sensibill

So what’s next for Boost Innovation?

Boost is currently seeking its first round of outside investments to develop culture measurement technology that incorporates new advancements in data analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more.

CEO Ken King sums it up,

“We want to take the plunge and come up with solutions that no one else is offering. Innovation involves sound scientific methods, and we have no egos about how we seek to improve our services on behalf of people who wish to have a better understanding of group culture, performance and human behavior everywhere. People deserve a better culture at work, on sports teams, in elections and in education. We’re here to give it to them.

Boost Innovation has commitments that validate its work and sport methods, and it’s exciting to see a Canadian company grow so much before receiving outside investment. The months and years to come foresee abundant success in improving their work environment and sporting culture, while extending to the political and educational fields.


CEO Ken King can be reached at [email protected] and / or 4033927047 for comments.

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