A new magazine shines the spotlight on entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada.

The “Apex East Coast Business Magazine” shares stories of the challenges and successes experienced by local businesses in the region.

“It’s really about celebrating where companies have come from their beginnings to today, and what their dreams and ambitions are over the next five or 10 years,” said John Copp, publisher of Apex East magazine. Coast Business.

“Where the business is right now, we want to share those journeys with other business owners who might be going through something similar.”

The goal of the new magazine was to bring something new to Atlantic Canada and to share stories that many might not otherwise hear.

“Each issue features a company from each Atlantic province,” Copp said. “These are companies that are at least 10 years old.”

The magazine also features promising companies from Atlantic Canada.

“This particular issue that launched in February features ISP Purple Cow and all the great things they’re doing as a start-up,” Copp said.

Copp said his team also noticed the need for educational information.

“We call it extraordinary insights from industry professionals,” he said. “We think community is very important.”

The magazine also offers a free full-page color advertisement in each issue.

“Our current issue celebrated Habitat for Humanity and all the great things they do,” Copp said.

There are two ways to read the publication: a hard copy or a free online subscription.

“We’ve come through the last two years in the toughest times a small and medium-sized business can go through,” said Lawrence Conrad, publisher of Apex East Coast Business magazine.

“This magazine is about showcasing and celebrating the businesses that are going to pick themselves up, that are going to reboot, and the entrepreneurial spirit that we see in Atlantic Canada with those businesses is going to be in the magazine, and their stories are going to be told.”

“Over the past 25 years of meetings with other business owners, we’ve been able to hear those stores that no one else hears,” Copp said. “And I think the common theme here is that, despite all the odds, these companies achieved something really amazing and we wanted to celebrate that.”


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