Toronto-based tech company Trufan recently launched Surf, the world’s first browser extension that offers rewards to users for browsing the web. This free browser extension works with Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, and gives users points for web browsing they are already doing.

Points can be redeemed for items and gift cards from dozens of popular brands in the Surf Marketplace, including Amazon, iTunes, DoorDash, Uber, Sephora, Whole Foods, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lululemon, H&M, eBay, and Spotify. Points are earned through daily browsing, without the need to participate in surveys, watch ads, or change normal web browsing behavior.

According to Trufan COO Aanikh Kler, “With escalating privacy and data concerns, a world where consumers have the choice to make money with their data is inevitable.”

Surf also gives users the ability to take control of their own data. Each user gets an activity log that shows every piece of data they have shared. At any time, users can edit and manage the data they share. Surf gives priority to transparency, confidentiality and remuneration.

Even when ad blockers or VPNs are in place, users still earn points with Surf. The browser extension can also be temporarily suspended and then restarted, but no points are earned when Surf is suspended.

“Trufan’s vision is to become the leading provider of high-fidelity data for brands while redefining the role of consumers in the data economy,” said Swish Goswami, CEO of Trufan.

“We support people who don’t want to fully share their data – for those people, tools like DuckDuckGo are great. But we recognize that many people are very fine with sharing their data if there is something going on for them. This is what we are aiming for: optionality.

Goswami adds, “If you are looking for a fairer and more rewarding Internet experience, we want to provide it to you. “

Surf is currently available to users in Canada and the United States, and a global waitlist has been launched. While still in beta, Surf already has over 2,000 users and over 100 five-star reviews in the Chrome Store. On launch day of September 20, Surf was named Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

There’s an added incentive to try out the browser extension now: Anyone who downloads Surf before November 9 will be entered into a raffle to win either a Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle or a cash prize equivalent to 80%. of Tesla’s value.

Download Surf at today and immediately start passively earning rewards for surfing the web.

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