P.volve franchisee Lucille Cuell

Fitness franchise P.volve has announced ambitious growth plans for Canada, targeting the Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Edmonton markets.

For Lucille Cuell, an experienced entrepreneur and business owner, the company’s service offering was just the franchise opportunity she was looking for.

Cuell is currently developing a P.volve location in Victoria, BC, and Canadian commercial franchise spoke with her and the brand’s Director of Franchise Development, Alex Puccillo, about how the company’s vision is a perfect fit for the growing West Coast city.

Have you always imagined yourself as an entrepreneur? (If not, what were your professional aspirations?)

When I was in the insurance industry, I owned my own business, so I have experience as an entrepreneur. I have owned my own home for about 20 years and also have experience running a business in a management role.

Why did you choose the franchise?

I have always been attentive to the franchise. I went back and forth, working for other people. I moved on to managing for someone else, but I always wanted to manage my own team.

One of the things that I find really interesting about franchising is having a community around you instead of being a single person in a huge field. With so many aspects to running a successful business, you simply can’t have just one person. People asked me, “Why didn’t you open your own business?” With P.volve, I like the idea of ​​having a house, a studio and a community. Being a personal trainer enhances the ability to bring the product to the customer.

How did you find out about this franchise opportunity?

I haven’t really looked at the time. I went to a wedding in Banff, Alberta. The bride, whom I have known for a long time, was moving from Edmonton to San Diego. She said to me, “I’m opening a P.volve studio.” I asked, “What is this?

She was busy at the moment; she was in a wedding dress so i pulled out my phone and started researching. I didn’t try a P.volve class until I went to a golf tournament in California a few months later. I immediately thought it was good material. I did another class and I was hooked right away. Although I was unfamiliar with P.volve, I have been involved in the fitness field since I was an aerobics instructor in my early twenties. The biggest thing for me [about what P.volve offers] it’s something anyone can do and a lot of people should do. I think it covers a broad spectrum, where with a lot of other fitness franchises the demographics are quite small. I think the demographics here are pretty endless.

I have always been aware of the deterioration of the body after the age of 30, and this is a great method to stop and even reverse the effects of aging. I feel like it’s done that for me – I feel like it’s reversing the impact of age on my body.

According to franchisee Lucille Cuell, P.volve's customer base includes a large number of women raising families who have little time to train.
According to franchisee Lucille Cuell, P.volve’s customer base includes a large number of women raising families who have little time to train.

How has the process been so far?

We work with the owners on a location. I want it to be very accessible and easy for people to get to, somewhere where customers don’t have to pay to park.

Our clientele includes a large number of women who are raising families and who have very little time to train. I want them to drive easily, jump out of the car, practice and get back in the car.

Alex – We use a platform where we can upload our digital data, so we know where our virtual customers are. We reflect this with our properties for physical locations. From a digital perspective, Canada is one of our top three markets in the world, along with the UK and the US.

Is there anything unique in your market?

Victoria is a fast growing community, with lots of development in our downtown area. Young working professionals are moving to our city, and many of these people are heading to our downtown for work. We also have a lot of people coming to town to retire. Because people work a lot from home, they focus more on where they live.

What impact has COVID had on your franchise?

Currently, I think we will follow the rest of Canada and the world in easing restrictions. My type of studio is not as impacted as other areas of the industry; it is low impact. It’s not high intensity, so you can do this method while wearing a mask.

What are your future plans?

I really wanted to focus on one place and do it well. It would be great if I could have multiple franchises, but I’m not in a place where I want to lock it down. I don’t want to prevent other people from entering and developing. I prefer to see P.volve grow and see many franchisees across Canada.


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