Browns Restaurant Group has opened its second Liberty Kitchen brand location in Langford, British Columbia. The restaurant is owned by franchisees Scott and Brad Rumpel.

Browns Restaurant Group (BRG) opened its second Liberty Kitchen brand location in Langford, British Columbia

Liberty Kitchen is a casual style restaurant offering world-inspired dishes with an emphasis on Mediterranean cuisines and culinary traditions of warm climates.

High-quality pasta with fresh, hand-made pizzas is at the heart of the food offer. The BRG culinary team spent over a year evaluating and testing the ovens before selecting the best possible fit with the criteria of flavor, texture and finish desired.

According to a press release, “The Liberty Kitchen concept provides a high-quality ‘trendy’ dining and beverage experience in a setting described as ‘modern softened but still inviting’ style. “

The local owners are Langford residents, brothers Scott and Brad Rumpel. This is their seventh franchise with BRG, having recently opened their sixth Browns Socialhouse in Courtenay, British Columbia.

Scott has been a regular visitor to the awards podium at the company’s annual franchise conferences.

Scott said: “We are delighted to bring this exciting and contemporary dining choice to our local Langford community. As we share our passion for the business with so many great employees, it will be a real pleasure to provide new jobs and make another contribution to the local culinary scene.



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