TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kingsdale CouncilorsNorth America’s leading strategic shareholder advisory firm, today released a series of fundamental questions and ideas that every Canadian company and board must critically consider ahead of its 2022 Annual General Meeting.

“A shareholders’ meeting is one of the most important annual events for a public company,” said Ian Robertson, CEO, Kingsdale Advisors. “As companies head into the third season of the AGM impacted by COVID-19, it can be easy to lose sight of shareholder engagement, but corporate leaders and board members must be prepared and proactively identify governance vulnerabilities before their shareholders vote or proxy advisors pass negative judgment.”

the 10 key questions are:

  1. Do you know your shareholders and do they know you?

  2. Will your meeting be exclusively virtual or hybrid and will it meet the expectations of your shareholders?

  3. Is attendance at your meeting where it should be?

  4. Is your executive compensation in line with your company’s performance?

  5. Is your defense playbook up to date and do you have a combat team in your area?

  6. How do you address the growing importance of environmental and social issues?

  7. Is diversity beyond gender an issue for your board?

  8. Is your board ready to take responsibility for cybersecurity oversight?

  9. How strong are your succession plans?

  10. Does your company have a multi-class share structure, and if so, what is your timeline for ending the structure?

For complete information, download Kingsdale AGM 2022 Checklist.

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With offices in Toronto and New York, Kingsdale Advisors is the leading advisor to public companies on all shareholder, governance and transactional matters, having acted on the most challenging proxy contests, transactions and other special situations. important and most publicized. Since 2003, public companies across North America have turned to the expertise of Kingsdale Advisors to ensure the success of transactions or resolutions driven by shareholder votes. Kingsdale Advisors’ multidisciplinary team offers a range of specialist services focusing on strategic and defensive advice, governance advice, compensation advice, strategic communications and vote analysis.


Kingsdale Advisors identifies 10 key questions every Canadian company should ask ahead of their next Annual General Meeting


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