Kara and Denée, a niece-aunt duo who started a new business during the pandemic in hopes of promoting personal care using a holistic approach with safe ingredients and packaging with our health and environment in mind.

Their business My Peace Center is a relatively new small business with operations in Brampton, Ontario and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Their brand is focused on promoting personal care, as many of us forget to take time for ourselves with our busy schedules, as well as using a holistic approach with safe ingredients in all of our products. that are beneficial and accessible to our customers.

We would like to market our business and share the importance of taking care of yourself and using the right products that will not have toxic effects on you. As well as our journey to start this business during the pandemic, as one of us balances being a student, the other a mother of a two year old, our regular jobs, being new business owners and of course taking self-care.. “- Kara and Denée

Their product the list includes handmade soaps such as turmeric, lavender, charcoal, and oatmeal. Each of them has beneficial and therapeutic properties to target the cravings of your skin and your body.

“To complement your body routine, we also sell raw organic shea butter. In terms of personal care, we have unique candles that can be personalized with herbs, crystals and motivational stones to help you when you want to relax. Finally, we offer herbal infused bath salts and organic yoni steamer herbs. “Kara and Denée

For more information visit:

The Web: My Peace Center IG: @mycentrepeace



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