As rising inflation pushes more and more Canadians into side hustle to supplement their incomes, having the right productivity tools in place to help achieve entrepreneurial goals is essential.

Passion and relying on a community of like-minded visionaries are also success factors, as we discovered when we spoke to Facebook group moderators Hustle Hub by LG gram Canada, Vivian Kaye and Jonathan Cavaliere.

The two business owners have guided Canadian entrepreneurs, small business owners and visionaries through their questions and obstacles to productivity since joining the Facebook group Hustle Hub by LG gram Canada as moderators at the end of 2021.

The LG gram Hustle Hub is a dedicated virtual space that provides Canadians with valuable tools and tips, how-to guides, and compelling videos and articles on a range of business, career and market topics. LG Gram laptop owners who certify their devices can also enjoy exclusive offers and member benefits.

LG gram (LG Electronics)

Kaye is CEO of KinkyCurlyYaki and a business and empowerment expert based in Hamilton, Ontario. She describes her 17-year entrepreneurial journey as “a roller coaster ride”.

“I know there are answers you can’t necessarily find by googling. So I joined the Hustle Hub community to give back, answer questions, and just be that cheerleader for up-and-coming entrepreneurs that I didn’t have in the beginning,” she told Daily Hive.

Chosen as Canada’s Best Dressed Man in 2012, Cavaliere embarked on a solo entrepreneurial journey the following year when he created a bespoke menswear brand, Mr. Cavaliere, offering bespoke tailoring services and a carefully curated menswear collection. He tells Daily Hive he’s excited to be part of the Hustle Hub because “it gives you the opportunity to [network] with other scammers who are going through similar things to you.

“Being an entrepreneur is one of the loneliest things you can do — it’s hard,” says Kaye, who sees a lot of questions from Hustle Hub members focusing on branding and social media.

“The Hustle Hub resonates with users because we can answer these kinds of questions and it gives you a community where you can connect, learn and build relationships,” she adds.

Cavaliere agrees, saying, “The majority of entrepreneurs are ‘solopreneurs’ – they’re in their house with their dog or they’re typing on their computer. We are in our own bubble focusing on our side business or project. It’s unique to have a plug for [connect] with people who have exactly the same experience.

The LG gram 2022 line of high-end laptops has been designed to take security to the next level and support working from anywhere. Both Kaye and Cavaliere agreed that they would have liked such a simple laptop when they started their business, rather than lugging a heavy device to their business meetings.

“Nowadays we have very busy lifestyles and the LG gram fits really well with that on-the-go lifestyle,” says Kaye, who recently traveled to Ghana with his LG gram and had no to worry about charging the laptop while on the go. his flight.

His advice to budding entrepreneurs is that “owning a business is a marathon, not a sprint. You are not in competition with anyone. If anything, you are competing against yourself. So it’s all about being consistent. Go out and network in person [or] on line. Hustle Hub is one of those places where it’s a community of like-minded individuals who are ready and willing to support your entrepreneurial journey.

Cavaliere also appreciates the LG gram’s long battery life, slim and ultra-lightweight design, and security features.

“Have a little [of] more juice when you’re on the go, that’s fantastic,” he says.

He believes that “passion” is the key to an entrepreneur’s success. “Doing something you’re passionate about, whether it makes $1 million or $1, is key.”

He recommends visiting LG’s website to check which gram might suit your hustle and joining the Hustle Hub community to connect with like-minded people.

Work from anywhere, securely

Hustle Hub LG gram

LG gram (LG Electronics)

LG gram 2022 laptops are ultra-slim, ultra-portable and are designed to be a lightweight companion that constantly moves with you.

Features include LG Glance by Mirametrix®, an innovative AI-based software solution that automatically locks the screen if the user walks away from their laptop and also alerts the user and scrambles the content they are working on if someone looks at the screen over their shoulder. Conveniently, if a separate monitor is connected, the mouse cursor and the currently used window automatically move to the screen the user is looking at.

Other great features include an optimized environment for video conferencing with face login, AI noise cancellation, and a built-in Full HD webcam. Anti-glare screens make it easier for users to see what they’re working on, regardless of lighting conditions. How is a working day on the beach?

Under the hood, every LG gram laptop guarantees powerful performance as they’re backed by a 12th Gen Intel Core processor and are Intel Evo Platform certified, which means guaranteed long battery life — we’re talking up to 14 hours on a single charge. Yes, you read that right.

Canadian LG gram 2022 models sold in retail stores will also be equipped with a bilingual English and French keyboard. Thanks a lot.

“[Hustle Hub by LG gram] is a place to share ideas, make connections and discover how to make your work and life even better,” said Jang Ik-hwan, senior vice president and head of IT business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company in A press release. .

“Now, with Hustle Hub by LG gram, we’re giving LG gram users an extra layer of support, service and value,” adds Ik-hwan.

To learn more about LG’s new lineup and to check retail availability, visit and be sure to join the Hustle Hub by LG gram Canada community on Facebook.


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