Since leaving the NBA, former All-Star Metta World Peace has dabbled in the world of technology business and digital marketing. In partnership with Artest Management Group (AMG), he was able to learn from the start how difficult it is to start a business without any support or funding.

Seeking to help those who may not have the education or support, Metta created The Pitch, an online competition where a promising startup will receive $25,000 – without losing any capital – and the chance to win prizes. personalized advice from Metta and its investment committee.

For the contest, he partnered with Orbiit, a social media platform and online contest system that helps creative businesses get discovered and win life-changing opportunities.

As he sets up a billion-dollar fund early next year, this is a great opportunity for founders, entrepreneurs and startups to pitch their vision to the former NBA All Star.

Entering the contest is simple. Once entrepreneurs have created an account on Orbiiit, they will need to upload their video pitch to their YouTube channel.

Entrepreneurs have some creative flexibility in how they can approach the pitch – whether it’s an investor trailer, a simple slideshow, or even a short video of themselves explaining the business. But the goal is to stand out and be engaging.

After completing the application process and public voting has begun, entrepreneurs will receive a unique link from their profile dashboard to collect votes from friends, family and fans. Although people are only allowed to vote once, there will be “power votes” available for $1 – with all proceeds going to Metta’s partner charity, Artest University.

The startups with the most votes will advance to the final round, judged by a panel including Metta World Peace, former Canada rugby team member Akio Tyler, and angel investor and startup coach Lisa Yu.

And the winner receives the money as well as the one-on-one meeting.

To learn more about the contest or how to enter, visit the Orbiiiit website.


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