The world’s first paper bottle machine was sold by British company Frugalpac to Canadian company KinsBrae Packaging.

Frugalpac, which specializes in the Frugal bottle – a beverage bottle made from recycled paper – said the new bottling line can produce more than two and a half million bottles a year.

The sale, according to reportsmarks the start of the company’s plans to “establish Frugal bottle production centers around the world” and will also help “reduce carbon even further by reducing transportation costs and carbon miles,” said Malcom Waugh, CEO of Frugalpac.

Waugh explained, “The Frugal bottle is made from a cardboard shell made from 94% recycled paper and has a food-grade pocket inside to hold the liquid,” and revealed that prices will remain competitive to encourage more companies to buy lines in the future. He reiterated, “We will also offer our customers the lowest possible cost for the Frugal bottle” and “with the rising cost of glass production due to rising fossil fuel costs to make bottles in glass, we are close to parity on the cost of our paper bottles versus glass. If we invested in a Frugal bottle assembly machine, they would be at par or below”.

Frugalpac revealed that it has also received numerous inquiries from 87 other global brands as well as packaging and contract packaging companies interested in purchasing its bottle machines in the coming months.

“We are now calling on other packaging companies, bottlers and co-packers to join our paper bottle revolution by investing in their own Frugal bottle machines,” Waugh said and added, “It’s clear that consumers want more [environmentally] sustainable forms of packaging and it is a great opportunity for packaging companies, bottlers and the printing industry.


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