The Common Sense Toilet Seat Company introduces the world’s first toilet seat with fully magnetic closure, to protect users from the COVID virus.

SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA, August 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – They may be small, but they have a very important message to take to the world. We hope the Common Sense Toilet Seat Company shares this post in the upcoming Season 16 of Dragons’ Den this fall, but in the meantime they’re doing their best to make it known why everyone should buy their innovative new product.

On July 5, 2021, renowned epidemiologist Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding confirmed to his 570,000 subscribers the results of a study showing that airborne transmission in the bathroom is real.

“Whether it’s the breathing, the toilet plume, or the fecal aerosols, it doesn’t matter,” Dr Feigl-Ding tweeted. “It was in the air for 40 minutes before infecting the next person.”

An April study from Florida Atlantic University reveals equally disturbing results. After a flush, “droplets were detected at heights of up to five feet for 20 seconds thereafter. The researchers detected a smaller amount of droplets in the air when the toilet lid was closed, but not by many, suggesting that the aerosol droplets escaped through the small spaces between the lid and the seat … a significant risk of transmission if they contain infectious microorganisms.

Canadian entrepreneur Ryan Hunt and his business partner Randy Janes, well aware of the dangers of toilet plume, decided to fill the void in the market by inventing the first toilet seat that magnetically closes like a refrigerator. The pair have secured the manufacture of their seats overseas, but are launching a Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks to gauge demand and potentially move to a larger North American manufacturer.

“Science has proven that the toilet plume can aerosolize ANYTHING in the toilet bowl of the last 24 or more users of that toilet between cleanings,” says Hunt. “We thought other things were also harmless, like lead-based paints, mercury in thermometers, asbestos in construction, arsenic in wallpaper, heroin in cough syrup. and, of course, second-hand smoke. Now here we are in the middle of a pandemic and discover that we are breathing second-hand infectious material into the air of the last 24 toilet users! “

As more and more highly infectious variants of SARS-COV-2 emerge, toilet safety is becoming a major concern for people across the world. Teachers in San Francisco have gone on strike during the pandemic, and one of their demands is to place toilet lids on every toilet in the school system before returning to work. China is also well aware of the dangers and from the onset of the pandemic, flight attendants and pilots instructed flight attendants and pilots to wear diapers to avoid using the toilet and infection. potential for COVID-19.

“We all think the toilet is clean when we see the bowl cleared of trash, but we just rinse that bowl with tap water,” Hunt concludes. “It’s like filling a blender with urine, feces, vomit and menstrual fluid, then rinsing it with water and expecting it to be clean for the next user. “

For more details on The Common Sense Toilet Seat Company or to purchase a seat for the Kickstarter campaign, visit the website at https://www.whatsonyourtoothbrush.com. Additional information on the toilet plume is available on Twitter @TheCovidLid and on Tik Tok at @CommonSenseToiletSeatCo.

About the company

Invented by Canadian Ryan Hunt and prototyped and designed by partner Randy Janes, The Common Sense Toilet Seat Company has created internationally patent-pending seats that close fully magnetically like a refrigerator and are just as easy to use. The product addresses the problem of toilet plume / bio-aerosol, a concept that has been scientifically proven to contribute to the spread of many fecal orally transmitted diseases.

Keep an eye out for The Common Sense Toilet Seat Company in Season 16 of Dragons’ Den, airing on CBC this fall, to see if they pulled off the final cut.

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