MONTREAL, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The TST team is pleased to share with global audiences the news of TST’s new platform, which enables users to hire the top 1% of digital marketing and web development experts. selected within the limits of the desired budgets. TST has created an interface where users from all over the world can search for the most successful digital marketing and web development pioneers and hire them directly without paying additional commissions. All they have to do is visit the TST website and search for the service they need in the search bar, select the cost, location, country, etc. and they are presented with an approved list of top professionals. TST platform is based on “Airbnb” type of concept, but here instead of properties people are looking for different digital marketing including SEO plans and website development services.

Let’s understand how the interface works with the example of the homestay service on Airbnb. When someone needs to find a homestay on Airbnb, they select the type of stay they want like mansion, apartment, homestay, etc. After that, he specifies the destination, the date or the months, and adds the guests. Similarly, TST’s bespoke digital and web development services support platform, gives users the freedom to choose the experts to web design, development, digital marketing, graphic design and app development from any location for a flexible schedule and budget.

TST also offers surprising and exciting features for seasoned and up-and-coming digital marketing and web development vendors to host their skills on TST. Hit the “Become a Host” button and promote top skills to earn more with the extra exposure that comes from being listed on our website. This is the first hiring platform of its kind launched in Canada for global customers and audiences.

“We tried to develop something new and cutting edge for all Canadians and our team came up with this idea. We all loved the uniqueness and simplicity of thought. With fond memories and hard work undeniable, we have successfully launched this interface for global use,” said the CEO of and web development is just another addition to one of our accomplishments.”

In the coming days, TST will also add new features to the platform to meet user requirements. For now, they will analyze user response on their new service. With the launch of this service, customers around the world can now enjoy the assistance of digital marketing experts as they wish for their businesses or projects. Advanced filters built into the interface allow users to customize the service within an affordable budget. The same methodology works for web development expert assistance. Users can now select the expertise of leading profiles for the desired services. They can also compare profiles on the desired factors and make an offer.

Launch in… closely follows new technologies and adapts quickly to changes in the market. Each product has been meticulously researched, developed and implemented to meet customer requirements. No matter the amount of work or the time required, each project receives our full attention and each client receives the best service available.

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