“Nonprofits are realizing that they need to adapt to an increasingly digital world and are constantly looking for ways to strengthen their engagement with volunteers. ” noted Ron Segev, co-founder and vice-president of partnerships at Vome Volunteer. “This was particularly evident with COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing policies, as volunteer positions were forced to move from person to person and communication channels had to be optimized.”

Vome Volunteer’s new app is a one-stop-shop for volunteers, allowing them to do everything from discovering new volunteer opportunities to recording shifts using QR codes and even taking on built-in challenges. to the application. The platform also provides nonprofit organizations with a range of integrated tools to organize the functions of their volunteer programs, including data-driven information on program performance.

“Our features allow program managers to focus on growing their mission and developing their programs, rather than spending time on administrative work.” noted Samuel Fagen, co-founder and CEO of Vome Volunteer. “We have become a trusted partner for many organizations through Quebec and Ontario, with over 5,000 volunteer teams created since our soft launch in May. “

Vome Volunteer recently joined Newchip’s Competitive Acceleration Program, where they were selected from one of over 1,000 applicants, and launched their expansion into the United States to help US nonprofits better optimize their volunteer programs.

“As one of the few English-speaking community centers in Montreal, we are always working to improve our services and develop stronger partnerships with community members and organizations. Monique Barling, Director of Volunteer Services at the Tyndale St-Georges Community Center. “Vome Volunteer is an incredibly comprehensive platform that makes it easy to integrate the different parts of my program; a tool that I have been looking for for a long time. I am very happy to work with such a great platform and a passionate team! “

To learn more about Vome Volunteer and what they offer to nonprofits, visit their website at www.vomevolunteer.com.

About Vome Volunteer

Vome Volunteer is an all-in-one volunteer management solution designed for non-profit organizations, founded by mcgill university graduates, Samuel Fagen and Ron Segev, during their undergraduate studies. The intuitive software allows organizations to streamline recruiting, simplify planning, and integrate their communications, while providing volunteers with a user-friendly mobile app available for iOS and Android users. Vome’s mission is to support nonprofits by creating an online community that fosters engagement. To learn more about Vome Volunteer, visit www.vomevolunteer.com.

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