North American supplier of environmentally friendly plant-based products, good Natured Products, continues to increase market traction with food producers taking a new approach to delivering nutritious, plant-based foods to communities across North America.

Heron Farms product in good natured® packaging (CNW Group / Good Natured Products)

One customer, Heron Farms in South Carolina, is turning rising sea levels into sustainable agriculture, one delicious sea bean at a time. Heron Farms is the first indoor saltwater vertical farm in North America that grows salt tolerant crops such as sea beans, pickles and sea asparagus using predictive software and harvesting methods and advanced automated data analysis. At the forefront of sustainable agricultural practices, Heron Farms distributes to the retail, restaurant and foodservice industries in 14 US states.

“Our mission is to solve two of the biggest environmental problems of the 21st century, rising seawater levels and excess carbon dioxide. We have strategically chosen good Natured’s plant-based packaging as the best option to extend our brand values ​​beyond the product we produce to the packaging itself, ”explained Sam Norton, Founder and CEO of Heron Farms.

Meanwhile, ColdAcre in Whitehorse, Yukon is taking sustainable growing practices to the next level by providing year-round fresh food and growing solutions for far northern climates. ColdAcre provides wholesale and commercial fresh grown food in certified compostable, good-natured plant-based packaging, which is distributed from small independent grocers to large chains, such as Save-On-Foods in the Yukon. ColdAcre is the only year-round green vegetable grower in the Yukon and sells its farming system across Canada and the Arctic. Their systems generate local jobs, reduce dependence on the supply chain, and bring high-quality, fresh produce to communities, making them more self-sufficient and sustainable.

“When we launched ColdAcre, we made it our mandate not to contribute to the single-use plastics problem that is of concern to many Canadians. We are very happy to be able to work with our like-minded partner, bon Natured, as we prepare to triple our production in the coming months and offer our products in compostable, plant-based packaging, ”said Tarek Bos -Jabber, CEO of ColdAcre.

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