Canadian Shades Problinds and blinds supplier for home and business, announces steady demand for zebra blinds since 2020. Zebra blinds, often referred to as double blinds, are a modern alternative to horizontal blinds for window treatments.

Commenting on the announcement, a company representative said, “Zebra Shades are incredibly versatile and were one of our best-selling products even before the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as we provide the ability customers to make individualized purchases that not only take into account practical considerations such as window size and style, but also our customers’ preferences for aspects such as materials used, colors and shape.”

Looking further into the potential reasons for this continued demand, Canadian Blinds Pro attributes most of it to an increase in home offices as more and more Canadian employees choose to work remotely. Commenting further on this, the spokesperson added: “The latest statistics tell us that at least 5 million Canadians have chosen a hybrid or even completely remote working environment. This is due to a number of benefits such as flexibility to accommodate other responsibilities and also reduced costs associated with expenses such as transportation. In turn, this has led to more investment in optimizing home offices and ensuring they are fit for purpose, and blinds play an important role in this.”

According to the company, zebra blinds come with a number of benefits that can enhance the work from home experience. For starters, they play a vital role in things like light control which can improve quality and visibility in video meetings and protect individuals’ eyes from exposure to bright lights which are known to lead to retinal disease. . Second, zebra shades can provide needed privacy in certain work situations and help reduce distractions. Finally, the company mentions the equally important but often overlooked aspect of a home office in the new normal which concerns comfort.

“At the start of the pandemic, no one knew what to expect and many workers saw remote work as a temporary solution. Two years later, it’s becoming clear that our new normal now involves at the very least a hybrid work environment. This means that it is not possible to improvise long-term workspaces and a significant number of people are starting to realize this and are investing in ensuring that their home offices are comfortable and suitable for their needs,” the representative concluded.

About Canadian Blinds Pro

Toronto-based Canadian Blinds Pro is one of the leading awnings and awnings suppliers. The team’s expertise and passion are combined with products of the highest standards that can meet any demand, whether small or large scale. Their offer includes zebra, motorized and vertical blinds as well as roller shades, all customized according to preferences and needs.

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