“The multiple applications of the hemp plant, especially in construction, will become the most important over time. ”

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Vancouver-based Global Hemp Group (GHG) has secured the remaining strategic land required for the long-term development of its planned green community in Hayden, Colo., The company said.

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In May, the company acquired more than 44 acres to house its centralized processing and manufacturing center in its Hemp Agribusiness Zone (HAIZ). With the most recent transaction, the company now has 830 acres available for affordable home development over the 20-plus year period of the project.

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First announced in September 2020, GHG has partnered with Western Sierra Resource Corporation (WSRC) to create a sustainable economic zone in the state and build sustainable and affordable housing using hemp-based building materials.

The partnership with WSRC enables companies to use WSRC’s existing hydraulic infrastructure, a key resource in the development of the project and the creation of operational segments focused on the cultivation, processing and sustainable construction of hemp.

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GHG intends to use the original 44-acre site as a “showcase” location for its partners in agriculture, research and development, and model homes.

“Since the inception of Global Hemp, the company’s vision has always been focused on sustainability and collaboration, with an emphasis on developing the industrial aspects of hemp,” said Curt Huber, president of Global Hemp plus early this year. “The multiple applications of the hemp plant, especially in construction, will become the most important over time. “

According to Home stock , affordable, in this context, means building homes in the range of US $ 250,000 ($ 315,000) to US $ 425,000 ($ 535,500).

Last October, GHG announced that Gabriel Gauthier will be the project manager.

According to the release, Gauthier, who has a background in agriculture and landscaping, gained experience working on the family farm and subsequently managing a 300-acre hemp farm in Quebec.

In 2003, he started his own hemp construction company, ArtCan. Two years later, he built the first hemp house in North America, according to the company, located east of Montreal.

He has since built more than 50 hemp houses in Quebec and Ontario, in addition to renovating more than 100 houses with hemp materials.

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