VANCOUVER – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The dairy free aisle might be crowded, so how can a competitor stand out from the rest? Simple. Do something that has never been done before. Plant Veda is a Canadian company that creates unique plant-based milks and drinks that are the first of their kind.

After a family tragedy, the founders of Plant Veda started their business in search of healthy plant-based options, such as the world’s first vegan lassi made from a multi-herbal blend of healthy ingredients and delicious. Plant Veda not only focuses on making an alternative to dairy products, but also making a product that is better than the original in terms of taste and health benefits.

Unique products

While many brands of dairy free milk have chosen to find a simple alternative, Plant Veda has created products that are one of a kind. By creating the first vegan lassi that is creamier than real dairy, they’ve won awards such as VegExpo’s 2019 Product of the Year award and a “Clean Choice Award” by Cleaneating Magazine in 2021.

Plant Veda has formulated its dairy-free cashew milks to include unique ingredients such as pistachio and saffron. They have created a line of products from their line of lassi to creamers that are unique and rich in flavor in order not only to set themselves apart from the competition, but also to give consumers a variety of choices.

Their health benefits

When creating the Plant Veda line, the goal was not to find a substitute for dairy, but to find something 10 times better in terms of flavor and health benefits. “What we have decided to do is create a revolutionary product which is a healthy blend of several ingredients” said Michael Yang, President of Plant Veda, “It not only tastes great, but is all natural and provides full nutritional value.” This innovative approach ensures that your meals and snacks do not miss the mark of health.

For example, their Cashew Lassi contains 10 billion live probiotics per cup to support a healthy gut, making this dairy-free substitute healthier than the original. When switching to a more plant-based lifestyle, many non-dairy products fail to add probiotics, which is often the reason consumers still choose dairy products. Knowing that 70% of the immune system is housed in the gut, Plant Veda ensures that the level of probiotics in its drinks exceeds expectations.

In addition to promoting a healthy gut, Plant Veda incorporates vegetable protein in its drinks, making the need for traditional dairy products even more obsolete. Whether it’s switching to a plant-based lifestyle or incorporating more diverse products into a diet, Plant Veda makes the process easy.

How they keep changing the industry

Plant Veda continues to change the herbal industry by delivering unique alternatives that stand out in the milk aisle. By creating products that taste better, are healthier than dairy, and are unique in flavor and nutrients, Plant Veda has revolutionized the plant-based milk market.



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