Canadian technology company Healthy Minds Solutions (HMS) recently launched MindWoRx to help companies help their employees overcome anxiety and depression and manage daily stress and pressure at work and at home.

Richard Caballero, Founder and CEO of HMS, said MindWorx is a 100% online mental health platform for businesses and an innovative, self-guided behavioral therapy platform with more than 150,000 users worldwide using the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach. He added that the platform includes an online anxiety and depression assessment test, online mental recovery and resilience courses and a community support forum monitored by licensed therapists.

“HR professionals face ever-increasing mental health issues from their workforce. HR professionals are looking for a preventative and innovative solution that will not only help manage their employees’ mental health issues, but also provide them with tools to help them become more mentally resilient. HMS has the solution,” Caballero said.

“One company that recognizes the importance of mental fitness is Medicareplus, one of the nation’s leading HMOs. They recently signed a strategic partnership with HMS to offer MindWoRx to their planholders,” he added.

Caballero observed that there has been an increased focus on mental health during the pandemic. However, many who feel anxious and depressed may not have the mental health solutions at their fingertips.

Research shows that about 25% of Filipinos suffer from various mental illnesses, including anxiety and depression, which is considered the third most common disability in the country. The Philippines ranks third among the countries with the highest rates of mental disorders in the Western Pacific Region. Mental illness is a much larger type of pandemic that, if left untreated, can seriously affect millions of Filipinos.

However, he lamented that the Filipino culture has attached a social stigma to mental illness and sees it as a reflection on a person’s character, leading most to suffer in silence and not seek help, even from their own family. Accessibility to mental health help is also limited and unaffordable for many, he pointed out.

Caballero said he’s glad HMS has had the opportunity to break that stigma by providing businesses with effective, confidential, practical, research-based and affordable mental health solutions and services.

“One company that recognizes the importance of mental fitness is Medicareplus, one of the nation’s leading HMOs,” he said.

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