A Canadian company is now allowing its employees to take “parental leave” each time they welcome a new pet into their lives.

Talk Shop Media said on its website that the paid vacation policy will allow new dog or cat owners to focus on bonding with their new family member.

Two months’ notice is ideal, and at least four weeks is required, the company said regarding its policy.

Team members should provide their leave request in writing to their manager and include the following information in the request:

  • Expected date of adoption of the animal
  • Expected start date of the leave
  • Planned duration of leave
  • Whether or not the employee wishes to use unpaid parental leave days and/or accrued vacation immediately after parental leave
  • Team members may be asked to provide proof of animal ownership

New pet owners will be entitled to three consecutive days of paid parental leave per calendar year. Two additional consecutive days of parental leave without pay may be granted immediately thereafter, at the discretion of the manager.

The public relations firm currently has offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Kelowna.

So here is. We hope other companies will see the importance of our furry friends and perhaps implement similar policies. Pets are just the best, right?


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