Canadian company Galvion with offices in the US and UK showcases its full line of new military products at DSEI 2021, the International Defense Show in London, UK. Galvion designs, develops and supplies armor and head protection systems, as well as innovative power supply and energy management solutions for soldiers and combat vehicles.

At DSEI 2021, the British company Galvion presents its full range of new military products. (Image source Galvion)

In the field of personal equipment, Galvion has developed a complete range of helmets according to the new needs of soldiers deployed on the battlefield. All helmet shell presses at the Galvion plant in Newport, the primary production and manufacturing site for helmets and armor, have been fully converted to accommodate polyethylene and aramid helmet manufacturing.

Galvion is one of the pioneers in the advancement of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). New composite materials produce next-generation helmets that are significantly lighter than current combat helmets while providing increased ballistic and impact protection. Our armor and helmet systems engineers have evaluated and experimented with a wide range of materials and material combinations, including new materials, various aramids and weaves, and hybrid material combinations, to produce armor and helmets offering superior performance and comfort.

Galvion also developed the Batlskin Viper® Modular Head Protection System, one of the world’s first fully integrated and fully modular head protection solutions. We have created custom components and accessories including versatile front support, rail systems, three position visor and mandibular guards (ballistic or metal) – to provide total head and face protection against blast , fragmentation, blunt and ballistic impacts. threats, as well as the possibility of integrating head devices. Since the introduction of the Viper Head System, we have brought this modular and adaptable concept to other innovative and industry-leading helmet lines, as well as to different industries including Tactical, Paramilitary and Spec Ops users. .

Galvion’s portfolio also includes energy products that allow soldiers to treat energy as combat power that can be flexibly found, harvested, stored, and used at the lowest level. Drawing on lessons learned from ammunition and water management at the individual or team level, our products allow operators to do the same with power. This energy efficiency at the individual level not only ensures the availability of energy when it is needed; it also has a major impact on energy consumption at the mission level, resulting in reduced logistics and lower costs.

Today’s combat vehicles look more like fast ground jets than the traditional steel box-shaped combat vehicles of the past. Filled with sensors, advanced communications systems, active protection systems, electrical power and specialized lethality systems, they demand more instantaneous and sustained energy than ever before. The objective today is the silent operation of these systems in order to increase the survivability on the battlefield; the future aspiration is to have silent mobility in the last “tactical half-mile” as well.

To meet the new needs of military forces, Galvion has developed a Li-ion battery optimized for the military, the SymbasysSwitchPack i6T Li-ion vehicle battery. From the user’s perspective, the Galvion i6T battery offers significant capacity improvements and efficiency throughout life. Granted, the initial cost cannot be compared to that of the traditional lead-acid alternative, however, it is the lifetime cost that ultimately makes Li-ion the choice for the future. Maintenance-free over a 10-year lifespan, providing up to 8,000 recharge cycles; more than double that offered by any other 6T Li-ion unit. Compared to a traditional 6T lead-acid battery, Galvion’s SwitchPack offers 3 times the usable capacity and energy at 24 volts (78 Ah) and is 38% lighter. Due to reliability, lifetime cost savings are 87% over 6T lead-acid alternatives and 43% over other 6T Li-ion brands.

Galvion’s i6T Li-ion vehicle battery meets demanding military standards including MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-810 and performance of MIL-PRF-32565, as well as stringent UN 38.3 commercial safety standards. .



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