GEORGETOWN, Ontario, Nov 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Vision Food Innovations Inc. (“the Company”) is a vegan vegan bakery engaged in the R&D and commercialization of its innovative products through wholesale networks and retail. With its flagship brand “Nature’s Flair”, the company has demonstrated that it is a leader in the spread of plant-based vegan bakery products. Their sites are determined to join other Canadian herbal success stories, such as The Very Good Food Company.

Co-founded in May 2020 by Vineet Jain and Ashish Mehta, the company has grown exponentially thanks to its strong and experienced team and their delicious, affordable, nutritious products that are good for you and the planet; plant-based vegan, muffins and cupcakes. The creation of the company was born out of Vineet’s three decades of baking experience and his desire to find a delicious treat that his family, including his vegan son, could enjoy at family meals.

Vineet Jain said, “It’s exciting to see all of our hard work creating such a good product for you and the environment, delicious plant-based vegan baked goods come to fruition. We are excited about this next phase of growth and the mainstreaming of plant-based bakery products. . “

Those who follow plant-based markets know that the industry is growing rapidly, with an expected annual CAGR of 11.9%. The Canadian company is well positioned to take advantage of a commercial facility that is already in production and receives orders from some of Ontario’s largest grocers, such as Farm Boy, Pusateri’s Fine Foods, Commisso’s Fresh Foods, Vince’s Market, Galati’s and their plant-based vegan muffins are expected to be on the shelves of Loblaws and Loblaws subsidiaries by November 4, 2021. The Company is also in advanced talks with Sobey’s and Metro and major retailers and wholesalers in the United States. .

Consumers love the price, as well as the taste: “As someone who doesn’t have easy access to vegan bakeries and doesn’t always have time to cook, I SO appreciate that Farm Boy has more baked goods. herbal! These muffins are a fantastic treat – my husband actually eats them for dessert, they are so good. Quality makes people ditch non-vegan products.

The company’s flagship brand, Nature’s Flair, has competition, but few can offer the same high-quality herbal product at such an affordable price. To meet demand for their products, the company has launched a third funding round, live on Equivesto, an online platform and an exempt market dealer that is already over 11% funded. There, equity crowdfunding allows the general public to buy shares in high-growth innovative companies like Vision Food Innovations. You can buy stocks from just $ 500.

Vision Food Innovations

Vision Food Innovations Limited (Vision) is a Canadian plant-based commercial bakery committed to providing the market with easy, affordable and nutritious plant-based baked goods, incorporating plant-based products. They have grown exponentially since their launch in March 2021 and are already in commercial production and available for purchase at retailers across Ontario. Wholesale purchases show strong sales. And their e-commerce platform is ready and has recently started to generate income.

Website: https://naturesflairfoods.com/

IG: @visionbakeries @ natures.flair

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Vision-Bakeries

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VisionFoodinno

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vision-bakeries-limited/



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