It was 2002, your crush just logged out of MSN and with half an hour before dinnertime, you log into your favorite virtual pet website ready to smash a crazy game of Hasee Bounce. If you’re like us, then this was bliss. Sadly, the one euphoric thing about being an adult 20 years later is being able to watch Zendaya on the small screen — or at least it was. This week, in collaboration with Neopets, Canadian company, Cakeworthy launched a clothing line that both brings us joy and fills us with guilt – ‘Cause it’s been way too long since we’ve fed our Jubjub

Influenced by bright imagery and cozy cuts, Cakeworthy was founded in 2014 by Ontario resident Brandon Shedden to celebrate pop culture and creativity.

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From Disney and Harry Potter to Animal Crossing and now Neopets, this company has worked with just about everyone – but we’d be lying if we said this one didn’t hit any different.

Selling flannel shirts with a wholesome reminder, backpacks, t-shirts, hoodies and dresses, Cakeworthy’s clothing is certainly not for everyone, but can probably be enjoyed by most.

With items ranging from $5.95 to $69.95, the pieces are affordable, will suit almost anyone, and will undoubtedly make you think of the good old days, which is a nice distraction from reality – so throw – there a look. If not to buy, at least to remember. Ahhhh, getting young again.


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