– Avateq will achieve the world’s longest point-to-point wireless link, over 100 km, to improve high-speed connectivity for Canadians in rural and remote communities

– Based on the ATSC 3.0 physical layer, Avateq’s solution offers more efficient spectrum management with fewer hops between stations and core networks, delivering better performance and lower costs for broadcasters, Internet service providers and other operators of point-to-point systems

MARKHAM, ON, August 26, 2021 / CNW / – Today, Avateq Corp. unveiled details of its next-generation ultra-long-range wireless backhaul solution for point-to-point communications operators in Canada and all over the world.

Using the physical layer of the Advanced Television Systems Committee 3.0 (ATSC 3.0) broadcast standard and available frequencies below 1 GHz, Avateq’s solution delivers the most robust spectrum capacity available in rural and remote areas, increasing the achievable distance of link hops for high throughput. and low latency broadband access.

“This is one more step in making point-to-point communications more efficient,” said Vladimir Anishchenko, CTO, Avateq Corp. “This opens up new opportunities for service providers through Canada and all over the world. ”

Avateq’s long-range ATSC 3.0 wireless backhaul solution is ready for the future, facilitating integration with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with current and emerging fixed and cellular technologies, including 5G infrastructure.

“It’s a return to the future,” Anishchenko concluded. “Going forward, Avateq’s 100-kilometer jump aims to create a better backhaul for Canadian broadcasters, radio services and other specialist point-to-point operators.

The Avateq ultra-long range wireless link of over 100 km is anotherCanada world premiere in a great legacy of firsts for Canada achievements in space, satellite, fiber optic cable and advanced wireless communications between towers and single frequency networks.

If your organization pays fees for fixed point-to-point systems in Canada, Avateq is ready to discuss with you the Avateq backhaul solution for you.

About Avateq Corp.

Avateq provides intelligent engineering solutions for the terrestrial and satellite communications industries.

Avateq’s RF analytical product line covers a wide range of real-world business applications for digital communication.

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SOURCE Avateq Corp.

Information: Alex Babakhanov at 416-342-0761 or [email protected]



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