Marsha Gordon, President and CEO of Westchester Business Council.

YONKERS, NY — March 9, 2022 – Last20, a Canadian social enterprise, will partner with the Yonkers Department of Public Works to test asphalt made with recycled plastics.

The plastic-impregnated pavement will be tested by the Ministry of Public Works as part of the Westchester Innovation Networka program launched by the Westchester Business Council which aims to stimulate economic development, innovation and growth.

“We are thrilled to showcase Last20’s innovative solution that turns plastic waste into pavement in New York,” said Lauren Barnes, co-founder of Last20whose company will also be test its pavement with Regeneron at its Greenburgh campus.

According to Last20’s website, the company is replacing some of the bitumen, the common binder in traditional roadways, with low-density polyethylene, one of the hardest plastics to recycle. India has been turning plastic waste into pavement for almost two decades, but it was only recently in 2018 that pilot projects were started in other parts of the world and in cooler climates.

BCW’s WIN program has identified 60 potential innovator partners looking to be matched locally to test a product or service and the process of matching these innovators with companies has begun.

“We are focused on embracing innovative new businesses from Westchester, across the United States and internationally to learn from and co-create with them, and to advance the key incentives needed to bring them to grow and stay here in Westchester,” said Dr Marsha Gordon. , President and CEO of BCW.

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