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June 8, 2022

CALGARY, Alta., June 8, 2022 ( –
Holes in one are a rare achievement. Most golfers, even professional ones, will never see an ace in their lifetime – but one lucky Calgarian in Alberta, who plays Bearspaw Golf Course, now has a record five hole-one shots under his belt.

Randy Schiffner, a local golfer, has achieved the impossible with a bit of dedication, skill, a lot of passion and a bit of luck. Getting a single hole-in-one is a golfer’s ultimate dream, but it is achieved by very few players. To put things into perspective, let’s look at how rare this event is.

What are the odds of getting a hole-in-one?

The National Hole-In-One Registry records statistics on this specific subject every year. Although the numbers are based on US data, it gives us a good idea of ​​the odds of scoring a hole-in-one. There are 128,000 holes-in-one recorded in 450 million rounds of golf per year – that’s a 2.84% chance for any golfer. This number is then broken down with the following ratings based on skill level:

  • Professional golfers: 3,000 – 1
  • Single digit handicap: 5,000 – 1
  • Average golfer: 12,000 – 1

Among the players who have recorded a hole in one, the average handicap is 14 years old, the average number of years of experience is 24 years old with an average age of 55 years old.

A hole-in-one must be considered valid under certain conditions

Golf Canada considers a hole-in-one to be valid if it is made:

  • On a nine-hole course
  • During a match, even if the match ends before the end of the stipulated round
  • In a practice round if the player plays a ball
  • At a hole with a temporary tee and/or putting green in use
  • In a “scramble” competition: A team has four players, each member plays from the teeing ground. The best player is selected and each member plays a second move from where the best player is, and so on.

What next for Randy Schiffner?

Randy completed all five holes in one at Bearspaw Golf Club (403) 239-7444, a beautiful course set against a vast backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. When asked what’s next for him and his (incredible) golf game, Mr. Schiffner replies, “My goal for golf is that I want to continue playing golf until I’m 90 years old. I love the game and the community.

Bearspaw Golf Course


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