Canadian Business opens a new chapter in its 95-year history with its most ambitious hub to date.

Canadian company opens a new chapter in its 95-year history with its most ambitious pivot to date. The print edition will return on October 4 with a new focus, new design, interviews and features on influential Canadian disruptors and entrepreneurs. A relaunch of canadianbusiness.com starts the same week. Subscribers of both Life in Toronto and Maclean’s will receive the quarterly magazine in their mailboxes.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Herrold with creative direction from award-winning design firm Wyse Studio, new Canadian company is about analyzing the success of innovative leaders who are changing Canada for the better. “More and more, business leaders and founders are not what we previously thought of as the traditional C-Suite standard,” says Herrold. “Today, they represent the spectrum of industries. They are young, they are diverse, they are first and foremost digital. Canadian company gives these leaders, and those who want to learn from them, the resources, networking opportunities and inspiration to innovate, connect and continue to challenge the status quo.

Photo: Miguel Arenillas

In every issue

The brief: Focused on ideas and innovative people, The Brief is where you will find the latest news and trends.

Design: This highly visual section includes a selection of must-have items for the home office, a spotlight on a designer of the moment, and an overview of a cutting-edge workspace.

Photo: Miguel Arenillas

Strategies: A tutorial series of brilliant ideas for the workplace, told through case studies of companies that have found how to do just about everything better.

Long readings: Each issue features Canada’s top journalists and magazine photographers, telling the stories of game-changing people, ideas, businesses and scandals.

New Canadian company will debut with a cover story titled “How I did it,” showcasing the successes of ten hot people in business today.

The brand will also come to life with exciting events and a one-of-a-kind corporate membership program, CB Insider. Insiders receive exclusive access to a wide range of Canadian company membership benefits and experiences, including discounted tickets to exclusive events, access to our virtual Masterclass and Fireside Chat series hosted by renowned CEOs, a dedicated Slack community channel with other Insiders , and invitations to quarterly networking evenings and thought leadership fairs.

“We are breaking down traditional barriers of control and making business journalism accessible and inspiring for everyone. From the founders of disjointed startups to the heads of big banks, the new CB is for anyone who wants to do better business, ”says Herrold.

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Canadian Business Relaunches with Print and Digital Redesign — and a New Focus on Challenging the Status Quo


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