MONTREAL, 25 November 2021 / CNW Telbec / – Global Canada published a report co-authored by Brian gallant, former prime minister of New Brunswick and Robert greenhill, Executive Chairman of Global Canada entitled “Canadian Voices on the Role of Business in Society“in which 90 prominent Canadians discuss the role of business in society.

“Recognizing the importance of the link between profit and goal, Global Canada hopes this report will encourage more Canadian business leaders to put more explicit emphasis on creating shared societal value,” said Greenhill.

Amid efforts to overcome the challenges caused by COVID-19, the conversation about modernizing capitalism and strengthening relations between society and business has intensified. Many predict that these conversations and movements will pick up even more speed after the pandemic.

“There is no doubt that business leaders feel pressure to do more than just generate profits and wealth. They understand that Canadians want businesses to do more to contribute to collective efforts to overcome troubling societal challenges such as inequality, climate change and injustice. , Gallant said.

Across the world, initiatives are reexamining the purpose of businesses. Through interviews conducted by Gallant and Greenhill, this report attempts to amplify the voices of Canadians representing a diverse set of leaders in business, not-for-profit and academic organizations from every province and territory across the country. theme of the link between profit, purpose and the ever-changing relationship between society and business.

The report is based on a series of interviews conducted either in person or virtually with 60 senior Canadian executives and 30 thought leaders on the role of business in society. Interviewees include Aaron Regent, Bernard Lord, Christine bergeron, Chuck magro, Dan Kelly, The Right Honorable David Johnston, Faisal Kazi, Goldy Hyder, Guy Cormier, Hassan yussuff, Dr. Indira samarasekera, Jerry Dias, Jean Bragg, John manley, Kate Blanche, Kevin Sitka, Larry Tanenbaum, Lisa Kimmel, Louis Audet, Marc-André Blanchard, Dr. Marie Delorme, Marc Petit, Max Koeune, Michael denham, Michael mccain, Michel sabia, Monique Leroux, Perrin Beatty, Rola dagher, Scott Banda, Sophie Brochu, Suzanne Bergeron, Tamara Vroman, Walied Soliman, Yung wu, Zita Cobb.

The report shares insights from Canadian leaders on why the relationship between company and business matters and why business leaders should care, which includes a strong business case for linking profit to profit. ‘goal. In addition, survey participants talk about the purpose of business today and what they think will be the role of business in society in the future.

“It is clear from the interviews; the ecosystem in which businesses operate will evolve into something very different from what it has been in recent decades. This change will be driven by the fact that more and more Canadians, especially young Canadians, are living their values ​​through all of their choices, including who to work and who to buy from. Said Greenhill.

The report’s authors make five recommendations to Canadian business leaders and thought leaders on how to restore trust and reconfirm the positive role of business in Canada in the 21st century.

  1. Every Canadian business should have a clear goal beyond making money.
  2. Canadian companies should align their key indicators with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. The Canadian business community should collectively stand up to be counted: make concrete, time-bound commitments that are refined every three years.
  4. Canadian business leaders should help develop and actively participate in structured national cooperation and collaboration.
  5. The Canadian business community should take a greater leadership role in global initiatives and organizations linking profit to purpose.

“Basically it comes down to this; The business community must link profit to purpose by creating and sharing value with all stakeholders to help meet the challenges facing society and the planet if they are to hope to meet the growing and evolving expectations of Canadians ”Said Galant.

Global Canada (https://global-canada.org) is a MontrealNGO based to commit to improving from Canada positive global impact and identify global best practices that help from Canada own challenges. In an increasingly multi-stakeholder world, Global Canada believes that responsibility for global impact cannot rest solely with government. All stakeholders, including the private sector, academia, social entrepreneurs and philanthropists, have an important role to play.

You can access the full report here: https://global-canada.org

Also available in French.

SOURCE Global Canada Initiative

For further information: Brian Gallant and Robert Greenhill, [email protected]; For media interviews, please send your request to: [email protected]

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