A study by PACK & SEND, a UK and Australia-based logistics company, found Tim Hortons to be the most sought-after franchise company in Canada.

Tim Hortons is a franchise often synonymous with Canada, and the country’s web searches seem to support this notion.

Data analysts at PACK AND SEND, a technology-driven logistics company with franchises in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, used Google search data to identify the most popular franchise companies around the world. They also sought to find out which residents of the country are most interested in embarking on this unique style of business enterprise.

In terms of Canada, Tim Hortons was the most searched franchise company on Google, and overall the country was seventh on the list of the top 10 Google searches for a franchise business with 42 per 100,000 people.

Canada was behind (in order) Australia, South Africa, Ireland, UK, US and Iceland.

If you consider the gross search volume, Americans performed the most Google searches for franchise business terms, with a total of 208,290 searches in just 12 months, while Canada had 19,760.

The study found that McDonald’s was the world’s most searched-for franchise company, taking first place in 78 of the 97 countries analyzed.

KFC came in second, topping Google’s most searched franchise in nine countries, including Luxembourg, Thailand and Indonesia.

Other popular franchise opportunities included Burger King (in Namibia, Turkey, Central African Republic and Estonia), Dominos (in Bulgaria and Kazakhstan), Jollibee (in Japan and the Philippines) and Hardees (in Mongolia).

Mike Ryan, UK CEO of PACK & SEND, commented on the results: “It is interesting that the fast food industry is currently dominating Google searches around the world when it comes to researching franchise opportunities. This is likely due to the seemingly universal and accessible nature of fast food and take out. “

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