Pizza Hut celebrates the first successful year of its Equal Slice program, which has provided support to over 50 small businesses across Canada.

Pizza Hut Canada is celebrating a successful first year of its Equal Slice program, having supported over 50 small businesses across the country.

In partnership with Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC), the Equal Slice program provides free education, virtual training, and mentoring opportunities specifically to small businesses owned by minorities, immigrants, Indigenous peoples, and young people. people with disabilities across Canada. Five participants received a $20,000 grant to help them grow and strengthen their businesses.

“At Pizza Hut, we believe that opportunities should be shared, just like pizza,” says Tatiana Carrascal, President and CEO of Pizza Hut Canada. “We were inspired to launch the Equal Slice program to support small business owners across Canada and ensure they have access to the education, training and resources they need to succeed. We are excited to help minority business owners further promote equality in the Canadian business landscape.

The first year of the Equal Slice program has supported over 50 minority business owners from across Canada. As part of its 2022 campaign, Pizza Hut Canada showcases the entrepreneurs behind two successful small businesses:

Asha Wheeldon, Kula Foods – Vancouver, BC

Kula is a plant-based food producer with a mission to provide Afro-Caribbean nutrition to forward-thinking, plant-curious customers in a united community. Through their collaboration and inspiring voice, they help their clients feel nurtured and empowered.

“Equal Slice’s focus on teaching and mentoring is something I haven’t seen in any other program offered to the BIPOC community nationwide. Hearing from other entrepreneurs and being able to learn from their successes was incredibly motivating,” says Wheeldon.

Diséiye Thompson, DISÉIYE – Toronto, Ont.

DISEIYE is a contemporary bespoke eveningwear brand. The eponymous brand was founded in 2016 by Nigerian-born artist Diseiye Thompson and draws design inspiration from their culture; their various intersecting communities, especially the ballroom community; and their vast knowledge of fashion history.

“My favorite part of the Equal Slice program was the invaluable mentorship. Being able to connect with other business owners with diverse backgrounds and experiences has helped me put things into perspective on my own journey,” says Thompson.

A cohort of ICIC’s Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) program, Equal Slice offers participants a free 40-hour “mini-MBA” program that includes training, virtual webinars and coaching led by university professors. and local experts. Business owners are invited to participate in digital learning sessions and one-on-one business meetings with their mentor to discuss and help address the immediate challenges facing their business.

Canadians can nominate minority small business owners in their networks and communities to be considered for the second program of the Equal Slices program, which will begin in the fall of 2022. The application deadline for the Canadian cohort 2023 is August 5th. anyone, visit

To learn more about Pizza Hut and the Equal Slice program, and to learn more about small business owners who have participated in the program, visit


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