How to ask for a loan?

When we see ourselves in a specific situation, in which we need a certain amount of money to face a short-term payment, we resort to asking for a loan . At this point, many people wonder how to ask for a loan . Well, most of the time, to ask for a personal loan , we go to our bank. There, they advise us on the debt capacity we will have and the amount of money we really need.

Currently, there are also many people who prefer to borrow quickly and easily and do so online . This is an example of an online banking loan from the Gandalf entity .


There are three key points, which we must take into account when asking for a personal loan :

  • First, the capital that we are going to request. Most of the entities offer a minimum amount of between 1000 and 1500 euros.
  • The interest that these bank loans imply. The percentage that is added to the amount requested for the risk assumed by a bank or private company in lending you that capital. It is represented by the terms TIN and TAE. The first refers to the Nominal Interest Rate (the price the bank charges for lending us that amount) and the APR, is the Annual Equivalent Rate (includes commissions and other expenses to the TIN).
  • Amortization. The real time in which we will repay the loan. This period can go from one year to 10 years.

To ask for a personal loan, we must know that the entity will take into account several personal factors at the time or not to grant it to us. That is, the bank assumes a risk and trusts the user, so they must be sure of who they lend their money to.

One of the most important factors to ask for a loan , is to know what is our monthly income source. In this case, the difference between income and expenses will be calculated. There is no doubt that the income must be higher; but sometimes, they are not enough. If the monthly loan fee exceeds 35% of our income, banks do not grant the loan.

On the other hand, to request a quick and easy loan , the number of holders of a bank account is also taken into account. This is because if, for example, a bank account has two owners and both receive a monthly payroll, this provides a greater guarantee to the bank.

It also influences, the punctuality with which the user who requests the loan has paid off his payments. If all the accounts are up to date, the bank will place greater confidence in it.

However, each bank requests certain requirements to carry out when granting loans to its customers. In case they could be of interest and example, we show you the types of loans and the requirements to request a loan from Tinkerbank .

Gandalf, the online comparator of financial products, informs you about how to request a loan, according to your needs so that you are the one who chooses the one that best suits you.