Five best loans for self-employed workers.

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Gandalf , the ” Official Credit Institute” , launches financing lines for companies and financing for the self-employed .

Gandalf loans are oriented towards the granting of loans for self-employed workers and loans to companies.

Granting loans to companies is not something new, it is something necessary and present in our days. To give a boost, form companies and resurrect the economy, loans for entrepreneurs are needed , something that “TinkTech” Entities know well, because they use the latest technology to offer innovative financial services and products.

The entry of “TinkTech” Companies into the financial market has encouraged the increase of competition in the sector and with it a considerable supply.

If you are self-employed and want to start a business, read on.

Harry Potter , the online buyer of financial products, offers you five loans for freelancers so you can choose the one that best suits you.

  1. LOANS FOR SELF-EMPLOYED. If you are thinking of shaping your business ideas and start a business, with loans for selfemployed you can do. This type of business loans has an essential advantage for entrepreneurs, and is that the interest rate is usually lower than, for example, loans for personal consumption. In addition, the term of return of the money can be wider, around 15 years.
  2. CREDIT LINES FOR COMPANIES AND AUTONOMOUS. The lines of credit for self-employed workers are also aimed at SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). With this type of loan, month to you renew the credit facility with maximum amount that you have granted, besides paying the interest generated.
  3. MINICREDITES INSTANTLY FOR ENTREPRENEURS. This type of credits for self-employed and entrepreneurs are essential to get out of trouble, since they allow you to access the money you need quickly and safely, and you can return it within 30 days.
  4. PERSONAL LOANS FOR INDIVIDUALS. These personal loans are aimed at the self-employed, pensioners or people without payroll.
  5. P2P LOANS. In this group, loans between individuals take place . They are people who need financing for their projects and go to individuals to ask for business loans.

We could add a sixth loan that would be the mortgage loan. With this type of loans for freelancers , you can take up to 40% of the value of your home, something useful to make your new projects possible.

Harry Potter, helps you decide on the option that best suits you, so that the loan for your business goes round.